strength. emotion. courage…

it’s your birth story.



Most mamas wish they could relive the birth of their baby. Let me photograph this once-in-a-lifetime happening so you can focus on the most important day of your life.


I’ve been there. Strapped to a hospital bed waiting to hear the first cry from my newborn baby without being able to see her.

I’ve seen it. Mama pushing so hard during labour to bring her baby earth-side and exhausted after that final push to take it all in.

There’s a lot going on and you don’t want to worry about missing a thing or holding onto important firsts with your infant.

drum roll please…

… in walks me. Camera in hand (and THRILLED that you’ve chosen me to be in your sacred birth space along side your birth team) ready to photograph this most amazing, most incredible, most uniquely yours moment when you bring a new life into the world - your baby.

Let me photograph your birth story to document how strong and scared you were during labour, your mental and physical strength and your super power of birthing your baby!

It would be an incredible gift to yourself.

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Wow Cobi, that is absolutely beautifully written and presented. We are so thankful to have had you at the birth. It is such a beautiful memory that we always get to keep because of you. Some of those moments I know I will forget but when I look at those photos it’ll be a memory brought back to me. Thank you for photographing us and telling our story. I couldn’t have imagined it to be so beautiful.
— Torey McLennan



I understand how significant a woman’s birth space is and I understand how an individual’s presence can affect that space. When you choose me to be a part of your birth team, that means you are comfortable with me, and ultimately your comfort is important to me. I want you to feel confident in having me in your birth space not only to give you amazing photographs and capture your story, but also to provide you with good birth support.

Your birth space matters. So do the people who are in it.



About Me

My name is Cobi.

My name is Cobi.

“Cobi is extremely outgoing and passionate. She’s caring, kind-hearted and is someone you’d want to have present in your birth space. She is very supportive and honest, and approaches life with pure wholeheartedness. She brings her compassion and gentleness into the birth space effortlessly.”