Iā€™m Cobi and I am a spirited and professional Motherhood Photographer. I gave birth to my babe in July 2018. I wore her, cloth diaper her and spend lots of time exploring the gifts from Mother Nature with her.

I live in Muskoka but travel as far south as Barrie/Inisfill and as far north as Parry Sound/Huntsville.

I love nature books and you can find me swaying in my hammock on a backcountry campsite covered in red pines.

I have never owned a microwave. I have a collection of over 400 vinyl records. And I lived in the Yukon for awhile which inspired my photography career.

Even More About Me:

  • nature lover

  • coffee lover

  • adventure blogger

  • farmers market junkie

  • craft fair lover

  • Etsy/Ikea/Wayfair obsessed

  • diploma in digital photography