I see you mama…

Meal planning and then changing a diaper before you rush out the door to an appointment…

All while doing a quick Google search to find a photographer.

I know how busy you are, I know how sleep-deprived you are and I know your job as “mama” doesn’t end there. You’re tired AF.

Do you ever want someone else to take over so you can relax and just enjoy your babies, instead of always being the one trying to take pictures (that you’re never in)?

Oh Mama, you’re in the right place!

That’s where I come in.

I’m Cobi,

And I serve Simcoe Muskoka moms who desperately want images of their baby’s birth because they know how fast their memory will fade of the finer details (probably from their first baby’s birth).

The first thing mamas say to me after they meet me is “I wish I had know about you before I had my baby!”

I know you didn’t get those photos taken the first time and now know how important they are now.

I make sure mom looks beautiful in the hours leading up to -and after - giving birth, while showing the sheer rawness of labour and delivery.

I was definitely nervous having someone photograph the birth, but meeting you a few times beforehand and talking about the contract really put my mind at ease!

I barely noticed you in the room. In the moment you aren’t thinking of the lady with the camera, you’re totally in your own world.



If I had an unlimited shopping budget…

I’d blow the whole thing at IKEA, Wayfair or some local Muskoka or Group of Seven art.


I. love. plants.

Especially cacti and succulents.

Even More About Me: 

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