I get a lot of questions about birth photography and how it works. I hope to answer some of your questions or encourage you to ask me more about a specific topic that you’re curious about.

Here’s what others have asked:

What if you miss my birth?
We will meet at least once before your birth to discus your birth history (if any). We’ll talk - in length - about when to call in labour. I also only take a limited number of births per month to ensure there are no overlaps in births.

Can I make monthly payments?
100%! Most of my clients wish to pay a little bit each month, so it’s no problem as long as the balance is paid by 38 weeks.

Do you offer any discounts?
Due to the nature of being on-call for birth photography, I can’t offer any discounts. I do offer an opportunity for clients to use a Gift Registry to help them pay for birth photography.

How many images will I get?
80-140 digital images will be delivered on a USB if you choose a digital package.

How long do you stay after the birth?
Up to 2 hours to get weighing and measuring of your baby, baby meeting siblings, etc.

I’m nervous about my images being used online.
A small number of my clients choose not to share images online, and I 100% respect that choice. If you do choose to let me use images online, you will see and approve all images before they’re posted.

I’m really am/am not interested in graphic images. Is that okay?
Mama, of course! You’re hiring me to tell YOUR birth story. If at any time you need me to step out or stop photographing I will. My goal is to be a safe person in your birth space. If you’re okay with me photographing everything, but don’t want to see the graphic images, I won’t include them in your collection of photos. Or if you’re not comfortable with me photographing specific things, I absolutely will not. I want to make you feel comfortable and safe.

Alternatively, if you’re all for graphic shots (for example: placenta, crowning, etc.) I totally feel comfortable photographing everything.

Still have questions?