You'll Never Guess Where this Mama Delivered Her Baby! (Muskoka Birth Story Series)

Meg MacDougall’s Birth Story

The birth of my second daughter was without fear and eventful to say the least.

My first pregnancy in 2016 with my daughter Soleil was amazing, I felt so confident for the first time in my life and I felt great right up until the end. With only 5 hours of active labour at 40+4 weeks, she was born in hospital after my failed attempt at a home birth. We used a midwife so we were able to be home in bed about 3 hours later. So overall uneventful labour and birth and not as bad as I expected!

Fast forward two years.

My husband and I are very lucky to usually get pregnant after only a couple weeks of trying. Timing wasn’t great as we found out the day of our first open house. We sold our house and began building a house that still isn’t finished and won’t be until this summer.

Caia’s pregnancy was without complications but was definitely way harder than my first, I was exhausted all the time, my hips and back were sore and sleeping was uncomfortable, and by the end I was excited for it to be over.

A few family members were convinced I would go early and I was afraid of having two December babies, with my first being in early December, I couldn’t handle two birthdays and Christmas all in one month!

Her due date was January 6th so as soon as January 1st came, I was relieved and ready for her to get out! I was secretly hoping she would come that day so she would be the first baby of the year (little did I know, when she was born on the 8th that she was still the first baby of the year at that Hospital).

On January 2nd I had contractions that would start in the early morning but taper out after a couple hours and nothing was time-able. This went on every day for almost an entire week, so when labour actually started, I wasn’t convinced that it was the real deal.

On the morning of January 7th, I woke up with the same thing that had been going on for days. Throughout the day I continued to have contractions and they were starting to form a pattern. The same as my first, they were uncomfortable enough to know it was a contraction but not painful at all and I continued on with my day.

We went to the play pit for a few hours and did some grocery shopping. Around the time that my husband got home from work around 5:30, they started to pickup slightly but still were not painful, this is about when I was finally convinced that this would probably be the day!

They continued on at the same 5 minutes apart for the rest of the evening, we put my daughter to bed around 8 and decided that we would tidy the house and get everything ready to go in case we had to leave in the night. We decided to go to bed around 9 because I wanted to get a few hours of rest before it was too intense.

After about two hours of laying there not able to sleep, they were finally starting to become more intense and I couldn’t be confined to the bed anymore. I decided not to wake my husband and to start a bath for myself. I sat in there for about an hour, and when I got out I decided I better call Dawn, my midwife (from Midwives of Muskoka), to let her know she would have to come over soon. It was about 12:15am at this point and Dawn said, by the sound of my voice that she didn’t think it was active labour yet but she would get dressed and head to the clinic which is only about 5 minutes away from our house.

I called back about 15 minutes later and said that I think she better come over. By the time she arrived I had just woken up my husband so he could get dressed and I was starting to have to lean on the counter and focus on my breathing during contractions. They were about 3-4 minutes apart at that time and Dawn asked if I wanted to be checked. I was 5 centimetres and still not in a lot of pain but they were definitely getting more intense. It was about 1am and my daughter woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep, my husband couldn’t get her calmed down so I went and laid with her in our bed for about 20 minutes. There I had some painful contractions and they were coming about every two minutes. When I went back to the living room I told them I think it would be a good time to call my mother-in-law to come watch our oldest so we could head to the hospital for some pain management.

My in-laws only live a few houses down so she was here in about 5 minutes and my husband went to start the car and scrape the ice off since it was an ice storm.

It was about 4:35am and we were outside as my husband was packing the last bag in, Dawn had just left in her car to meet us at the hospital and I had a contraction leaning against the outside of the car and I felt my body start to push involuntarily. I was pretty confused because I didn’t think it was painful enough yet to be at the point that I needed to push. We got in the car and after about 2 minutes I had another contraction and I knew she was coming quickly. I told my husband that I could feel her coming and he might want to drive a little faster. The roads were so slippery that I kept telling him to slow down but was also telling him to get there as fast as he could LOL.

We arrived at the hospital and Dawn met us at the emergency room entrance, I told her I think my body was pushing and we quickly walked inside. I felt another contraction coming so I leaned against the information desk and I could feel her head. I immediately knew I needed be laying down because she was coming now!

As I was getting down, Dawn was trying to get me into a wheelchair to get me upstairs. Once I was on the ground she pulled my pants off, saw my daughter’s head and she was born a few seconds later on the floor of the lobby of the emergency room about 5 feet from the door, less than 2 minutes after walking through the doors!

Meg standing with her midwife, Dawn, on the very spot where Meg’s baby was born!

Meg standing with her midwife, Dawn, on the very spot where Meg’s baby was born!

I have a text message that I sent to my mom as we were in the car on the way to the hospital that’s timed at 4:43am and she was born at 4:48am.

The best thing was that I didn’t even try to push, my body did the whole thing. It was really neat to feel her moving down and turning into the right position, since I had the epidural the first time and didn’t feel any of that. It was basically pain-free because it happened so quick!

While all that was happening I guess they had an announcement over the PA system that a doctor was needed in the waiting room and a whole team of nurses and a doctor came out as she was being born.
I was so embarrassed that I had just had a baby on the floor but luckily there was no one in the waiting room.

Natural birth at the hospital and dad rocks the skin-on-skin.

Natural birth at the hospital and dad rocks the skin-on-skin.

A few minutes later we were wheeled up into a room to have the placenta and settle in. Once the placenta was out and I had skin-to-skin and breastfed her, they told me that she was the first birth at that hospital of the year and they wanted to get a picture, so I walked to the bathroom and did my makeup.

© Simply Littles

© Simply Littles

I don’t know if it’s because she came so quick or what but I didn’t even feel like I had just had a baby, it was amazing. After our picture we left and waved goodbye to the lady at the registration desk that had witnessed the whole thing and were home by 6:30am after a Tim Horton’s run. 

She’s now 5 weeks old and doing great!


I thought my first birth was a breeze but at only 45 minutes of active labour, this one takes the cake! Not that I should be thinking of a possible baby #3, when and if that does happen, I think we will just plan a home birth in case it’s that quick the next time. I loved not having to be hooked up to a monitor and have an IV in and definitely don’t want to risk a car baby like what almost happened this time!

Thanks for reading.