5 reasons to hire a doula


As a new member of The Doula Group, I wanted to share with you the top 5 reasons why you should hire a Doula.

  1. Comfort - a Doula offers support for a labouring mother through encouraging words or repeating affirmations, massages (if requested by client), suggesting labouring positions and relaxation techniques, as well as making sure the birth environment is what the mother wants. The presence of a Doula can also offer reassurance and guidance during stressful times.

  2. Decreased rate of interventions - studies how that a decrease in episiotomies, vacuum extraction, use of forceps and a decrease rate of cesarean section can all be related to the help of a Doula. The presence of a Doula can bring a reassuring amount of relief.

  3. Help for Dad - a Doula can allow dads to take a step back from helping a labouring mother. Dads can rest and refuel without feeling guilty of not being available for a labouring mother’s every need. Knowing their partner is in the well-cared for hands of a Doula can take a lot of pressure and stress off, and help create a positive birthing space.

  4. Importance of birth experience - a Doula knows how important a mother’s birth experience is and can be an advocate for helping the mother follow her birth plan as best as possible so she can have her desired birth outcome, or something similar (because let’s face it - birth plans don’t always go as planned). A Doula will be with the mother every step of the way because she has taken the time to get to know the mother and father. The goal of a Doula is to help the mother experience a positive and safe birth.

  5. Better postpartum experience - a Doula can provide some necessary postpartum support that often helps in having significantly less anxiety and a lesser likelihood of experiencing “baby blues” as seriously. Mothers are also more likely to exclusively breastfeed their babies because they have the support of a Doula close by. Having someone to talk to about where to find support and resources can help a new mother in so many important ways.

What is a Doula?

According to Google’s dictionary, a Doula is “a woman who is employed to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman during labour. “ Furthermore, a Doula “is a woman employed to provide guidance and support to the mother of a newborn baby.”

To recap, a Doula:

  • Figures out what the plan is

  • Supports you in the hospital (or home)

  • Helps you weight your options

  • Helps you find your voice

  • Compassionately guides you

  • Answers the phone (even in the middle of the night!)

  • Listens to your concerns and validates you

  • Helps you get into a good position and will cheer you on

  • Supports your partner while they support you

  • Supports all your choices

  • Stays with you until baby is born

If you are interested in finding a Doula to support you through labour, please check out The Doula Group to see what services and support they can provide you with.