why should you hire a birth photographer?

“I’m a Birth Photographer,” I say.

“I wish I had known about you before my bab(ies) were born!” says E.V.E.R.Y. single mother I meet.

I’ve been there. Strapped to an operating table waiting to hear the sound of my newborn baby without being able to see her.

Staring off into space, listening intently after I hear the surgeon say my baby was out.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Heart pounding, and there it was. Her first cry.


Looking back on the photo of me above, it makes me cry each and every time I see it. I can remember every detail of that moment.


The birth of your child is one of the most important days of your life. You’ll want to remember those moments for the rest of your life. The first latch, the first measurements, looking into your baby’s eyes for the first time. Your “I did it moment.” You’ll want to remember it all. Photos take you right back to the day, the moment in time.


Details That You’ll Miss

There is so much going on when you’re in labour that you’re not aware of. The way your people supported you in your birth space, and how you handled each and every contraction - not being aware of your own strength and courage.

If you need to have pain relief, maybe you will feel a little foggy and will definitely not remember every detail. There’s a lot going on and you don’t want to worry about missing a thing or holding onto important firsts with your newborn.

I didn’t get to see my husband meet our baby for the first time because I was strapped to a bed. It all happened out of my view. I’m SO GLAD I have photographs from the operating room to see those firsts that happened out of my view.


So You Can Be Present

Labour is so fucking hard. The whole process of pushing a baby out of your body takes it out of you. Or the fear of having a belly birth preoccupies your mind. It’s all you can do to focus on your breathing and counting to 10 and all of that. Take the pressure off yourself and let a professional Birth Photographer take care of capturing the moments so you can focus on the most important day of your life.



This is a big one. While an iPhone can capture basic shots, it can’t come close in comparison with the quality of a professional camera. Hospital lighting isn’t great, and there’s potentially no light at a home birth, so low lighting can be very tricky. These are just some of the things a professional will know about and be aware of in order to ensure you have beautiful, quality images to keep forever.



Not only can a Birth Photographer provide you with quality images of your baby’s birth story, but they also know how to remain professional in your birth space. An experienced Birth Photographer will know the flow of birth and how to position themselves so they are not in the way but still able to capture the moments you’ve hired them for.

Bonus - I’m taking Labour and Birth Doula training through Doula Canada at the beginning of June, so I will have those additional skills to assist as well.


Want to know more, or want to meet up for a coffee to talk about how I can document your baby’s birth story? Let’s chat!