Omg!!! I’m the proud Grandma of this lil miracle.. Mom to Cory and beautiful partner Torey. I’m sitting here tears rolling down my face looking at these incredible pictures and reading your “story of Cor and Torey” thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this and sharing. Most precious memories!!! Thank YOU!
Priceless xo
— Christine
Wow Cobi, that is absolutely beautifully written and presented. We are so thankful to have had you at the birth. It is such a beautiful memory that we always get to keep because of you. Some of those moments I know I will forget but when I look at those photos it’ll be a memory brought back to me. Thank you for photographing us and telling our story. I couldn’t have imagined it to be so beautiful.
— Torey McLennan
My son and I had a wonderful experience with Cobi. Her calm, professional, reassuring and relaxed approach allowed us to be photographed during a perfectly natural and typical breastfeeding session. I am extremely pleased with the entire experience, and most importantly, with the beautiful images she captured of these fleeting moments; images which I will cherish for years to come. Thanks Cobi!
— Annique Maheu
Believe me, I know it is a lot of sacrifice that Moms go through those first years, but watching the connection and love when my daughters were breastfeeding with my wife: it seemed like it was the moment of purity that recharged her batteries for another long night. Those moments are worth remembering, so share them with pride.
— Mark Baldwin