This is it, the moment a mother was born.

This is it, the moment a mother was born.


Birth Photography

To capture something as miraculous as a woman giving birth, it’s more than the moment baby enters into the world. It’s witnessing the strength a mother goes through during labour, the anticipation of meeting her baby, the moment both are bonding skin-to-skin and the absolute sheer awesomeness of the whole birthing progression!

Belly birth (c-section). Brand new baby!

Belly birth (c-section). Brand new baby!

Just Born

Not sure about having someone in your birth space during labour but like the idea of a Fresh 48 session? I am excited to offer my Just Born Session where I will arrive shortly after the birth of your baby so that I can capture very special bonding moments.



The moment he has been waiting 9 months for. A little sister.

The moment he has been waiting 9 months for. A little sister.

Fresh 48

This session means that I will attend within 48 hours of your baby’s arrival. At home or hospital - I will capture the finer details of your first moments as a family. Skin-on-skin, feeding babe and lots of firsts and bonding.


No one ever says how hard breastfeeding is. I will photograph this milestone with your baby to show the bond that has been created, so you can look back at the persistence, determination and strength it took you to get to a place where you and your baby are breastfeeding champions!




Day in the Life

Your day-to-day might not seem very interesting, but I can assure you it is! Life happens fast and we all go through different phases. Your baby is born and the next thing you know they’re in high school. Let me photograph these fleeting moments that will become important to you! I will visit your family in your home to document your day-to-day life and show you what your family’s story is here and now.




Outdoor Adventure

Adventure with an outdoor loving photographer! Whether it’s taking a hike, paddling a canoe, walking in the woods, frolicking in the rain or cozying up by a fire, I will capture your precious time adventuring together if that’s what your family likes to do.