Imagine this…

It’s 18 years from now and you’re sending your baby off to college.

You can barely remember those first few days of their little life, back when they fit on your chest.

Most of it is a blur now because life happens FAST.

You thought you would remember. You thought those snapshots and cellphone photos would be enough.

Don’t rely on your memory for the most precious years of your life:

Let’s start artistically capturing those memories from the moment they are in your uterus until they are born and thereafter.

In the future, you’ll be so happy you did.


  • Never forget how amazing you felt the first time you saw your baby.

  • Relax, enjoy the birthing experience and let someone else handle taking the photos!

  • You don’t get a do-over for your pregnancy, baby’s birth and how you’ve changed as a Mother.

Where to, Mama?



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